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The Price for Your New Life

  Sometimes we find ourselves in a limbo, an unstable environment that makes us feel uncomfortable. We don’t know where to look, we don’t know where to go next. We miss our comfort. We miss our order.

We forget that those two things are the enemies of growth. Remember that your new life will have an expensive cost: your old life. An unstable environment gives us a chance to break with past patterns and reinvent ourselves.

Yes, we will have to face the stuff that is not quite “cool,” or exciting about the journey.

You can give yourself the strength to go through it. You have to. One day at a time. Fear can make you make up problems in your head that are not actually real.

At least not yet. That is normal. Do not focus on that. One step at a time. Remember that you may be far from “there,” from where you want to be – but you are on your way. Tired? Rest, but do not quit.

Keep on looking ahead.

Darling… It’s not just about the Food

Photo by: Steph Hansman

Photo by: Steph Hansman

I like to think we are all students of life. Some students take a more active role than others I would say. Sometimes you don’t even know if you are doing it right. 

Are other people doing this thing called life better than me?! I don’t know, you might wonder. I have definitely wondered. 

Others just kind of absentmindedly go through. Doing the bare minimum just to get through the day. Just to pass the class. 

I mean you could really always make analogies about academic life and dating life. I picked academic today. 

Anyway, today I read something that struck a cord: Health is not only about what you eat, but also about what you say. 


I mean, how many times do people criticize and berate themselves while they are eating a healthy diet (or trying to). They insult their physical appearance because they don’t look the way they want to look – and therefore they do not feel good. 

Photo by: Elizabeth Otaola

Photo by: Elizabeth Otaola

How does anyone expect to feel good and healthy if they are always feeding themselves negative thoughts? 

Yeah they say health is 70% diet and 20% exercise. That won’t matter at all if your head is not in the right place. 


This obviously goes beyond dieting but that was the most straightforward way to explain it to my fellow students. 

Hey! Btw, if you are also wondering how you are doing with life. Good for you! At least you are trying. But no comparisons people! Seriously. Everyone is going through a different path. 

Alright, I will end this post with this photograph so it’s not too cheesy 😉 

Artist: Sake

Artist: Sake


What is so scary about our immediate reality?!

Who knows, I might be stepping on a few toes here but tough luck.

Why on earth are people so afraid to make a connection in the real world? You know, the world outside of the virtual space that we all know and love. 

Facebook is great. Social media is great. Love it. I can connect with someone who is on the other side of the world, I can share ideas with people I otherwise would have never met.


Yes it is, don’t fight me on this. 

The problem comes in when we let our virtual reality hinder our physical one. When we are afraid of the physical and immediate space and so we seclude to our laptops, cellphones, or whatever else the kids are doing…

Picture this scenario: you see someone on a regular basis, they seem cool, friendly, someone you might want to be friends with. What do you do? You add them on Facebook and then when you see them again you don’t talk to them. Wtf. 

I’m sorry but WTF. 

Why? Why do people do this? I am genuinely concerned here. 

Ok so you are shy. It happens. But what is the point of having people on Facebook if you have never had a 5 minute conversation with them. 

Darling, social connections are great. They can enrich our lives in many ways; personally and professionally. Have people on your networks! I encourage you! But if you never took the time, not even a minute of your day to cultivate that relationship. It will never go anywhere. 

Photo by: Elizabeth Otaola

Photo by: Elizabeth Otaola

Use social media wisely. When you are with family, with friends, with your boo ;). Be fully friggin’ present!! 

Cheers ✌🏻️