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The Places We Love

Sometimes whenever I am meeting someone new, or making conversation with a friend, I ask the question: “If you could have a superpower, what would it be?”

I feel I can get a sense of who their person is and what their desires in life are by the way they answer the question.

I always say that I would want to teleport myself. My answer has never changed.

I am very much aware that I love traveling, but I always picture myself teleporting myself to the same places.

The same place I would just love to transport myself at the blink of an eye (in this case quite

Photo by Melissa Thomas


Maybe some places – just like some people – have a magnetic effect on us. We can’t seem to stop thinking about going back to these places, being there even if it’s just for an afternoon coffee. They feel like our place to be, They could feel like home.

Yet, something is stopping us from fully moving to these places.  Something is holding us back – or we truly believe that.

We want to appear there. Experience the place in short spouts, long spouts. Sometimes just yearn for them; yet not fully engage.

We say to ourselves, one day, one day I will go back and I will stay. I will make that place my home. For now, I will just dream about teleporting myself there from time to time.


An Elusive Cocktail – Short Story

“But I just don’t like this music,” he said to her.

It was crowded and they were already inches close to each other. She looked at him and a smile twinkled through her eyes. She inched closer, and closer to him as he stood still looking down at her.

It all seemed to be happening in slow motion – but yet for a third party not two seconds went by before she kissed him, running her hands down his chest. There was a magical kind of intensity emanating from both of them.

She then whispered: “Did you like that?”

“Yes,” he said, as if the breath had been sucked out of his lungs.

“Then you don’t need to like the music,” she said as she went back to dancing.

He looked at her for a second with a half-smile. Was it lust? or was it enchantment? – Perhaps it was both, an elusive cocktail. Soon enough, he was dancing in perfect tune with her, to the music he did not like.