For a little over a year, I have been living in Los Angeles. I haven’t yet warmed up to the city to the extent that I feel comfortable to call it my home; yet, when I first arrived to Los Angeles I absolutely loved it. Why? The beaches, the weather, the mountains, the proximity to … Continue reading WHY WE LOVE BIG CITIES – I DREAM OF NY, I DREAM OF EUROPE

Resolution: Aiming To Do Less

As we come into a New Year, many of us (yes, myself included), are mapping out our goals for 2018. Getting ready to make this year bigger and better. For a lot of people - especially in the country that has been my home for the last few years - this means to enter, or … Continue reading Resolution: Aiming To Do Less

Darling… It’s not just about the Food

I like to think we are all students of life. Some students take a more active role than others I would say. Sometimes you don't even know if you are doing it right.  Are other people doing this thing called life better than me?! I don't know, you might wonder. I have definitely wondered.  Others … Continue reading Darling… It’s not just about the Food

Go ahead… Eat those FRIESSS

Hey you! Yes, you darling. The one who tries to eat healthy all the time. You eat your fruits, your veggies, your complex carbs, maybe even drink your tea every day and know what drinking kombucha does for your body.  Occasionally you are tempted, you are human after all. Look at all your friends eating … Continue reading Go ahead… Eat those FRIESSS

Wake up at 5:30 am. Commute. Repeat.

For the last couple of weeks NYC has turned into one of the most stressful cities I have ever lived in. For the fist time in over a year I have come to understand why day in and day out hundreds of people feel exhausted enough to nap during the commute in the subway. I … Continue reading Wake up at 5:30 am. Commute. Repeat.