A few days ago, out of sheer curiosity for my own past - prompted by my love/hate relationship for Facebook memories - I decided to scroll through my own profile. I went deep. Scrolled past photos of friends who I haven’t seen in a while, funny videos I had shared, political articles, and a post … Continue reading WHY OFFICE WORK IS OUT AND TRAVEL WORK IS IN

Documentary Review: “A World Not Ours”

“The old will die and the young will forget” These are the words attributed to Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. He was referring to Palestinian refugees and assuring his fellow Zionists that Palestinians would never try to return to their homes. In the documentary film “A World Not Ours,” filmmaker Mahdi Fleifel shows us that … Continue reading Documentary Review: “A World Not Ours”

Resolution: Aiming To Do Less

As we come into a New Year, many of us (yes, myself included), are mapping out our goals for 2018. Getting ready to make this year bigger and better. For a lot of people - especially in the country that has been my home for the last few years - this means to enter, or … Continue reading Resolution: Aiming To Do Less

Olive Oil, and the Paradox of Choice

Picture yourself in a grand supermarket. Filled with options; in what seems like hundreds of aisles. Dozens of different options of olive oil imported from Southern Italy. Virgin, extra-virgin, with truffle, light, cold-pressed, stone milled, organic… It really is spectacular. And just like the options in olive oil there are dozens of different types of … Continue reading Olive Oil, and the Paradox of Choice

Goal: Have Enough Material to Trash

Oh the irony, the irony... I'm about to go into a post that goes against how I've handled this blog thus far. See, here is the deal; I am not going to try and pretend I am doing things the right way. Because I most certainly am not. I have let my mental cobwebs settle … Continue reading Goal: Have Enough Material to Trash