Monthly Archives: March 2020


Only one month ago we had been living in a society with a power struggle between the right and the left, the East and the West, the young and the Old. All assuming our side to be righteous, as we demonized and mocked the others. Who knows how long we would have continued to play this game.


Some of us get up, read the news, go to work, come back home, get into a social media battle pointing the blame of the ills of the world to those who don’t agree with our cultural opinion. Rinse and repeat. Others skip some part of this all together, perhaps the artists, or the retirees. For the most part we function within a society that is in this constant motion, in this constant wheel. We are separated by barriers, languages, and cultures.


For me, I had made the move to experiment within the confines of one industry: the travel industry.  And by confines I mean the rules of its game. I was getting up and going to work, functioning within a schedule that was somewhat beyond my control. For the first time in a long time I was working in a more traditional field. Away from my freelancing, my acting, and my writing. It was more stable right? I wanted to see if that was what was missing, the routine, the predictable. At the same time, as I went to work everyday, I hoped something would free me.

Who would have imagined that something would be a global pandemic.

There are people that have been blessed and the loss of a job will simply mean a re-direction and some time spent in reflection. Others that will be hit hard by this, which only reiterates the need for solidarity. Solidarity like we have never seen before that runs worldwide.


The last global pandemic happened in a world with limited technology to keep it going. We can stay connected, like people in the past never could. It’s time to count our blessings and realize the world is about to see an incredible amount of innovation, because the law of nature says that he who doesn’t adapt loses. And we are now living through the law of nature, painfully but wonderfully.


We must adapt. We must reflect. We will change our ways.


As Saturn – the planet that represents change, organization and power – transitions from Capricorn – the sign of hard work and status quo – to Aquarius – the sign of rebelliousness, technology, and group consciousness – we transition with it.


I think it’s a bit exciting.