Goal: Have Enough Material to Trash

Oh the irony, the irony…

I’m about to go into a post that goes against how I’ve handled this blog thus far.

See, here is the deal; I am not going to try and pretend I am doing things the right way. Because I most certainly am not. I have let my mental cobwebs settle too many times and I keep re-starting this blog instead of just keeping a steady pace.

My last post was two weeks ago on a Tuesday. Today is not Tuesday. I know it isn’t a major offense but I told myself I would post every other week on a Tuesday. See how much time I let go by?

I keep waiting for inspiration to hit me. To feel a wave of creativity wash over my body and make me sit down and write something amazing and awe-inspiring. Only, 99% of the time this is not how real life works. I know this! Yet why do I ignore it?

I get the sneaky feeling that I am not the only one who struggles with this.

I have to remember that writing – or any form of creating for that matter – is not only a way to transfer ideas from head to paper, but it’s a way of creating new ideas. We don’t have to be brilliant every time if we are consistent. The point should be to have enough material to throw in the trash time and time again.

Goals are nonsense next to the process. You have goals? Cool. Dedicate yourself to the process not the result. Want to be the next best selling author? Then make yourself want to write every single day. The second part doesn’t sound so glamorous right? This process weeds out plenty of talented contenders. You need grit. The dedication of putting in the work is what will get you anywhere.

Constant progress increases investment in a project.

So, even if I never post again (which would still prove my point, but let’s hope that’s not the case), I still want to leave you with this message: forget your goals, or at least, think about what it requires to reach your goals and focus on that.

Focus, repeat, focus, repeat.

If you are consistent you won’t have to re-start – which is pretty annoying (and embarrassing) anyway.

Bruce Lee sums up the sentiment: “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing it will never get done.”

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