Definitely not Enlightened

This morning I meditated, did my journaling and all that “spiritual” stuff that a few years ago I would have thought was ridiculous… Actually still today I occasionally think it is in fact a waste of my time and ridiculous. Yet I keep at it. Because even though it doesn’t always work, sometimes I will feel an inner peace that nothing else gives me. 

Being spiritual, whatever that means to you, is something that I believe we can all benefit from. 

Now with that said, being spiritual and bragging about being spiritual is an entirely different thing. In fact, the second one cancels the first one out. 

What do I mean by this?

Have you ever read someone’s status or Instagram update that is spiritually aggressive? In a way that the message is attempting to make you feel as if they are more enlightened than you are?

You know, that sort of “humble” brag about how because they are enlightened the haters will fail in the attempt to discourage them from pursuing their dream…

Which is great, except for the fact that when it needs to be presented in a manner that implies superiority from the person writing… Their “enlightenment” is probably an illusion. 

Am I being too harsh here? Or maybe its ironic because I am writing about this. The thing is, I have learned that people have to reach their own conclusions. It serves no purpose trying to shove your truth down someone’s throat. They have to search for that truth. Be open to it. 

It’s like aggressive vegans trying to convince meat eaters that it is atrocious to eat meat. They shame the person eating meat. Do you think that person will immediately turn vegan? HECK NO. 

(I am vegetarian/vegan btw just saying)

What I am talking about is something called Spiritual Materialism – a term coined by Chögyam Trungpa. Kind of like when people want to show off how spiritual they are to get likes. Ummm… That’s the ego right there, cancelling out all of yIMG_7922our spirituality darling.

Hey maybe I am doing the same thing here! You may think. Who knows… All I know is I am definitely not enlightened. Maybe someday I will acheive that nirvana moment. Or that aha! Moment. I will definitely not tell anyone about it. 


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