Wake up at 5:30 am. Commute. Repeat.

Photography by: Elizabeth OtaolaFor the last couple of weeks NYC has turned into one of the most stressful cities I have ever lived in. For the fist time in over a year I have come to understand why day in and day out hundreds of people feel exhausted enough to nap during the commute in the subway.

I decided that everyday I would do something different that would change my life in the long run; and I am not talking about my schooling or my freelance job. I decided to find my creative voice and do something about it for 100 days. I also decided to require to a 3 month long fitness routine that would require me to do some sort of exercise 6 times a week. Between school, work, and my much beloved sleep, I would normally decide that I did not have the time. I was also moving out of my apartment… so packing, transporting, selling, added a lot of stress. This time however, I decided not to make excuses for myself. I am no longer going to “postpone” it to when the timing is better.

I had to get into the mindset that the time to start is now. So I started.

I have had to prioritize. Wake up early. Neglect my night clubbing life entirely (which btw I am happier without). I’ve had to wake up at 5.30 am to get things done; and I have been consistent.


Mostly because I’ve stopped making excuses for myself. I have also recognized that a lot of my non-committal nature (be it to creative projects, fitness, etc.) was due to fear.IMG_4907 Fear of failure, judgement… My non-committal nature wasn’t because of laziness – and this is not a ME problem, may of us struggle with this.

The fact that I was able to identify the problem was what allowed me the freedom to follow up with an idea.

I don’t have to deal with moving out of my apartment anymore. That’s done; but being able to stick to my vlogging, plus school, plus work, all together, was my test. A test that I passed. If I can do it then, I can do it now.

It really wasn’t NYC’s fault that my life was so stressful, but it certainly didn’t make it easy for me 😉



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