Darling… It’s not just about the Food

I like to think we are all students of life. Some students take a more active role than others I would say. Sometimes you don't even know if you are doing it right.  Are other people doing this thing called life better than me?! I don't know, you might wonder. I have definitely wondered.  Others … Continue reading Darling… It’s not just about the Food

When something “Gets Under Your Skin”

Let me tell you a little story…  Recently I had a very awkward encounter with someone I have considered a friend for a while. I felt the cold shoulder from this person; I hadn’t done anything to piss her off (that I was aware of). So what was her deal?!  Her deal was, that for … Continue reading When something “Gets Under Your Skin”

What is so scary about our immediate reality?!

Who knows, I might be stepping on a few toes here but tough luck. Why on earth are people so afraid to make a connection in the real world? You know, the world outside of the virtual space that we all know and love.  Facebook is great. Social media is great. Love it. I can … Continue reading What is so scary about our immediate reality?!

Go ahead… Eat those FRIESSS

Hey you! Yes, you darling. The one who tries to eat healthy all the time. You eat your fruits, your veggies, your complex carbs, maybe even drink your tea every day and know what drinking kombucha does for your body.  Occasionally you are tempted, you are human after all. Look at all your friends eating … Continue reading Go ahead… Eat those FRIESSS

Wake up at 5:30 am. Commute. Repeat.

For the last couple of weeks NYC has turned into one of the most stressful cities I have ever lived in. For the fist time in over a year I have come to understand why day in and day out hundreds of people feel exhausted enough to nap during the commute in the subway. I … Continue reading Wake up at 5:30 am. Commute. Repeat.