Empty Space – Taking Inventory of our Life

I spent days emptying my apartment. The easiest part was selling the furniture (it wasn’t actually easy though). The hardest: figuring out what to do with dozens of things I don’t use. The junk.

The junk consisted of all kinds of things: magazines, clothes, kitchenware, utensils, bathroom products, other miscellaneous things… even shoes. Put all together, I had spent hundreds on these things that I’ve used maybe once… maybe zero times.

Reality Check.

I didn’t want to just throw these things out. It would have been like throwing money in the garbage – so I ended up spending extra time and energy transporting and packing these things that have no use to me.

This is not only a ME problem. Keeping things around that we don’t use is a problem many of us have. Not only things… we also keep people around that we don’t like/don’t add value to our lives. We keep situations, jobs, etc. Just out of procrastination. Out of fear of the unknown. We think: “I’ll deal with it later…” Letting it all accumulate.

When later comes around – and it always does – it becomes a massive pain.

I suggest we take inventory of our lives more regularly and leave the unnecessary behind. Don’t let it become an energy drain.

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