The struggle is real… for foodies on a budget


So… Food. Normally one of my favorite topics… or things to do rather. Walking around New York City is an awakening to the senses. Yes. Sometimes it can be quite painful (or disgusting) – but most the time it can prove quite wonderful. The smells come alive in New York every day: the smell of pizza on one corner and the smell of freshly baked cookies on the next. Sound good? This would be paradise city for Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. Thank God that’s fiction; and thank God New Yorkers walk everywhere otherwise are waistlines would not remain in place. If only we could be satisfied by just the smell.


Today however, I come to you not excited about food, but frustrated. New York City can be quite expensive housing-wise, but if you can control your eating habits, you can get by on a budget in the city. This is not so much for healthy eaters out there…or if you are like me and cannot resist the variety of smells. Yep, if you are willing to eat pizza everyday, you can get a slice for a dollar. What about healthy foods? You may ask; well friend, not an easy feat here if you are on a budget. Turns out Whole Foods (normally seen as an expensive grocery store around the country), is the 2nd cheapest grocery store in Manhattan. What. Yep. The cheapest would be Fairway. I know you are in shock at the moment; so was I. Whole Foods has been even beat out Trader Joe’s because of its deals. OMG I got four Fage Greek yogurts for five dollars!

Yes I am actually excited about Fage.

The thing is people; if you want to stay within budget in Manhattan, you cannot eat out all the time. This is easier said than done. NY has so many little cute places that I want to try! I understand, but then try going to the cheaper places – but let me tell you, they might not be the healthiest – or the prettiest.

Let’s face it though, we all know how the supply and demand law works. Everyone wants to live in NYC, everyone wants to live in Manhattan. Why else would apartments be so expensive in this town? It’s not like Manhattan produces its own food. So why do we do it? Because its New York.

Is that cheesy? probably.. but its true.


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