The New York Speakeasy

Picture this: You dress up on a Tuesday night, ready to hit the town. You are wearing those brand new 6-inch heels, jeans, and a cute top (Guys bare with me). You look great – in your opinion. Your friend wants to meet up for drinks in Nolita, you still don’t know this neighborhood so it’s time to get to know a new part of town. Yay. You get to the corner of Broome and Lafayette, meet up with said friend (who is already a seasoned local even though he is Dutch). He walks you to this cheap-looking diner. Really? This is when you start thinking you may be a bit overdressed, and that instead of a mojito you will be getting tacos. This was my Tuesday.

Oh speakeasies, how well you fool me but how beautiful and lovely you are. As soon as we walk in the diner, we march down some narrow steps (I already mastered the art of walking in stilettos so this was a breeze), then we proceed to walk through the kitchen and finally we reached our destination: La Esquina. This dim lit prohibition-style underground restaurant/lounge brought the costumers back to the 1920s, but with legal and delicious cocktails (unlike the rough drinks of prohibitions). The crowd was hot and trendy; the music was even better with a mix of house and Latin (which is what I like baby).

The revival of the speakeasy as a word-of-mouth bar has made the going out experience a lot more exciting. There is always a little new spot to try, and it feels somewhat special to be included in the “little secret spot.” Now I have a mission to discover new ones… I already have a few names to go by and a few sketchy locations to check out before I reach my prize.

Stay tuned gente.

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