In 2016, We Are All Still Lookin’ Swell


As you can possibly tell, I have not written in a while – at least not on this platform. I have been distracted by the warm weather, the beach, and the morning walks with my dog Sake – whom does not seem to mind trying to run into upcoming traffic (but that is another story). I excused myself from posting because I took a very very long break from New York City, and will be promptly returning to start my new projects.

I think it is self-evident that we are now in a new year, I don’t think I need to point that out but I am doing it anyway.


Initially, the days leading up to the NYE party I succumbed to the cynic approach of looking at this date like an overhyped, exaggerated affair – and well… it is, truthfully. After all, the only thing that is changing is a couple of numbers on the calendar. Perhaps you will have to throw out your old office calendar and buy a new one (if you still use those things). Part of the fact I was feeling this way may be due to the fact that I knew my NYE party was going to be far from “epic.” It was simply not going to live up to the standard set on the previous year – where I danced until 6am overlooking the Swiss Alps; and then followed my tiring evening with a very, very short skiing morning (because I almost fell asleep on the slopes). No. This year was going to be dinner and sleep. I knew that beforehand.


What I took away was that the quality of my New Year was definitely not going to be set on the basis of a party on a Thursday night. My NYE may not have been epic, but 2016 can be epic based on what I do with it. We simply should not put so much pressure on a party. With that said, I do have to recognize that the start of the New Year, and the meaning it has for us, does serve an important purpose. It is the time of year where we sit down and reflect on our past year (or past years in my case). Our successes, our failures, the changes in our lives, and what has stayed the same. This is the time where most of us evaluate if we are taking our lives in the right direction.

Even though my life changed in the past year (aka I graduated and moved from Boston to New York), I do not think those changes where a consequence of me actively participating in my life. I believe those changes where a consequence of events that were set in motion years ago, and therefore all I had to do was follow the guidelines.


Five years ago my life was very different that what it is today, I was different; but the major changes happened in the first three years. In that case I believe I have to take back control. Because if I am to look at my life and think it is successful, I have to see changes; I have to see evolution; and when I don’t see it, I have no one but myself to blame.

On that note, I would like to look to the future and take control over my day to day. As I said on a Facebook post earlier this week: I need to embrace the possibility of failure and be fearless. I recommend that to anyone who is scared to make a change in their life. Because it may be painful and scary at the beginning, but the results can be #fantastic. After all, we know that we regret far more the things we did not do, than the things we did do.




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