For the NYC newbies out there…

After walking all afternoon in jeans and a not-quite-summery-black-top in 80 degree NYC, I have finally managed to find a quiet and shaded spot in the heart of Central Park. The breeze is cooling my overheated and over-walked body down. I am surrounded by tables, which appear to be for playing chess. In a city full of crowds, it is truly amazing how lonely this spot is.


Anyway, when I started writing this entry, I had no idea what it was going to be about, I still don’t to be honest… So I am going to go ahead and break down the lessons I learned in my sweaty walk to this shaded but uncomfortable table.

  • While wondering around NY, do not leave your apartment unless your phone is fully charged. If you have an adventurous soul, the chances of you not returning for several hours are quite high. Even if you only planned to get something at the store, like shampoo. The only reason not to do this is if you enjoy being disconnected for a few hours of the day. Which is what I’ve come to terms with.
  • On that apartment-leaving note, when you step outside at lunch time to maybe grab a quick bite at the deli, expect to end up at dinner on the other side of town with some people you just met (a lesson I learned this past Tuesday). Dress for the unexpected.
  • Strangers will constantly find a reason to approach you. Sometimes in every. Single. Block. I say to this: follow what your gut tells you. In most cases it is OK to have a chat. You might end up with a funny story, a free hug, a new Instagram follower, or an interesting idea to explore. Maybe a weird smell…
  • If you plan to get a relaxing and peaceful lunch at Bryant Park (my favorite spot), DO NOT GO AT LUNCH TIME during week days if you expect to sit down. Getting a good spot in the first few minutes is extremely rare. Consider yourself lucky if you find one. Why is this? You may ask. Well because everyone who is working around the area also loves Bryant Park; and therefore it has become the ultimate lunch break destination (This probably applies to many other NYC parks, but for now, I lack the expertise to confirm it).



Anyway, that concludes my rant of lessons for today. I am currently having quite an enjoyable and healthy lunch; and I think there is some guy waving at me from the grass below (I am sitting in a sort of gazebo in a tiny hill). Awkward. I feel like he is still looking straight at me… I don’t think I know him. Is he even cute? I might just abruptly leave now.

Stay tuned.

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